Horská chata Lusitania
Výletní 24
468 61 Desná I

phone: +420 723 460 433
fax: +420 312 527 757

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The chalet is a two-storey building with basement, six guestrooms (two on the ground floor and four on the first floor) and 19 beds, electric radiators (toilets, bathrooms, guestrooms no. 1-6) and stoves (common room, hall, guestrooms no. 1 and 2). The chalet is connected to municipal water mains, which supplies us with drinking water.

On the ground floor, there is a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator and freezer, electric cooker and oven, microwave oven, electric kettle, kitchen utensils and tableware), a common room (dining room) with a fireplace and a children’s play area. In the hall, there are shelves for outdoor shoes, hangers for clothes and access to two bathrooms with showers and a washroom with two toilets. Also on the ground floor, there is a guestroom (three beds, another one can be added) suitable for a family with small children or senior visitors. The remaining four guestrooms are upstairs (offering, 5, 3, 4 and 4 beds, respectively). There are cupboards with locks for each guestroom in the upstairs hallway.

If, instead of cooking yourself, you prefer half board or full board it can be arranged at a nearby lodge (approx. 90 meters from our chalet) or at one of the several restaurants in Desná about 1 km from our chalet. Also about 1 km away, there are bus stops, a railway station, municipal sports grounds, a medical centre, a post office, a supermarket, small shops (some of which have long opening hours) and an information centre. More shopping options are to be found in the town of Tanvald (3 km) – including Billa, Lidl, Penny.

Smoking is not allowed in the chalet. It should also be mentioned that there is no TV sets in the chalet. Those guests who need to stay online even while on holiday should bring their own mobile Internet devices (we personally have good experience with O2, which, although not very fast, offers a relatively reliable service; other mobile carriers have confirmed that they cover the area, too). During your stay, an outdoor grill, a set of outdoor bowling pins, a large Parcheesi set, a child bathing tub, a hand-operated washing machine and information leaflets about the surrounding area will be available to you for free. There is also a clothes drying rack with pins near the outdoor campfire site. We also have a recycling system in the chalet.

Guestroom no. 1 – 3 beds (1 bed + 1 bunk bed), another adequate bed may be added
Guestroom no. 2 - 4 beds (2 beds + 1 bunk bed) – permanently booked
Guestroom no. 3 - 5 beds (5 beds), another adequate bed may be added

Guestroom no. 4 - 3 beds (1 bed + 1 bunk bed)
Guestroom no. 5 - 4 beds (2 beds + 1 bunk bed)
Guestroom no. 6 - 4 beds (4 beds)