Horská chata Lusitania
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The mountain chalet Lusitania is conveniently located at an intersection of tourist paths and Sokolská street, an ideal starting point for walks in four different directions. Your nearest destinations may include the valley of the Bílá Desná river with a memorial to victims of a dam accident (about 1 km), the hamlet of Sovín (1 km), the village of Novina (2 km) or 365 natural stone steps leading to the village of Mariánská hora where you can admire the local chapel and a memorial plaque to F. Schiller (2 km). Or you can join the Jizerská Cross-Country Track in Albrechtice (2 km) or at the Souš dam and waterfalls of the river Černá Desná (4 km).

Of course, there is much more to see in the Jizerské mountains and even if the weather turns bad you will definitely not be bored here. You can search for more information at the following web sites:


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