Horská chata Lusitania
Výletní 24
468 61 Desná I

phone: +420 723 460 433
fax: +420 312 527 757

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How to get here

If you are coming from Prague on roads R10 and R35 in the direction of Liberec, take Exit 33 to Jablonec n. Nisou and road I/65 (there is an alternate route through Železný Brod, which is more scenic but slower) and continue in the direction of Tanvald and Harrachov (road no. 14, the direction is properly marked on road signs). When you reach Tanvald, keep in the direction of Harrachov – the town of Desná is right next to Tanvald. Once in Desná, follow the main street (Krkonošská) until you pass the unmistakable yellow building of the Slunečnice pension on you right. Turn left after the shop and exchange office (in the direction of Albrechtice and Josefův důl) to Údolní street. On your left, you will pass the old Bolson hotel and then continue to the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady (approx. 1 km). Turn right behind the church and climb the narrow asphalt road (Zásnubní street, pay attention to sparse two-way traffic). At the big intersection, keep to the left on the main road (Sokolská), which climbs right up the hill and leads among wooden houses and small allotments. As soon as you leave the last signs of civilisation behind you, you will see the white building of the Sokolská chalet at the end of an avenue of old trees (intersection of Sokolská and Výletní streets). Turn right and continue for another 100 metres and you will not be able to miss our chalet in a bend in the road – it is a two-storey wood-and-mortar building. If there is a lot of snow during winter, the road from Sokolská chalet to our place is not maintained and you will have to leave your car at Sokolská. There are parking places ready for our guests there for a small fee.

Jak se k nám dostanete?
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If you do not have a car, we can recommend a comfortable direct bus connection from Prague to Desná (the bus leaves from the Černý most terminal several times a day – for example at 10:15, 2:20, 3:00, 5:20). One-way ticket will cost you approx. CZK 135 and the trip takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes. For more information, see .
There is also train connection but you have to change in Tanvald or Jablonec nad Nisou. When you go out of the Desná train station, continue straight over the small bridge to Údolní street, which will take you out of the centre of the town to the church (turn left and follow our directions for drivers above).

If requested, we may arrange a car to take our guests from and to the bus or train when they arrive and leave.

Also if requested, we may arrange a vehicle to bring you (no more than 4 persons) from Prague or Slánsko for a good price.

If you want to see a more precise location of our chalet we recommend you use an interactive map of Desná and search for Desná I. 24. Or you can use and search for Desná, Výletní 24.